Nitto Kohki annular cutter from Carbide Tools will give you a high quality cut for your steel applications.

Whether you’re in construction, fabrication, or industrial maintenance, our Nitto Kohki annular cutters enable you to achieve accurate holes quickly and effectively. All annular cutters can also be re-sharpened in house for a longer cutting life.


From the extremely efficient electro-magnet, to the one touch arbor and advanced safety, the ATRA ACE range adapts to user needs while offering safety where its needed most. Customers will experience high quality drilling edge management, designed solely around saving time and money in replacement parts and cutters, in addition to reducing user fatigue and downtime. 

Ideal for on-site hole cutting in steel plates, H-Beams, shaped bars, framework, shipbuilding, bridge construction and repair, steel reinforcement and many more other metal working and construction jobs.