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Annular Cutters

Annular Cutters made by Moove Industries will give you a high quality cut for your steel cutting projects. We stock an extensive range of short and long series cutters in our showroom in Wangara. All An...

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Bandsaw Blades

We have an extensive range of bandsaw material in stock ready to be cut and welded to the requirements of your machine. With your bandsaw blades being custom made to size, this will ensure a precise cut for your timber or metal...

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CNC Tooling

Carbide Tools stock a vast range of CNC tooling for Wood, Plastic and Aluminium. From the Hydro chucking systems and collets to the tooling for your requirements. Contact ...

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Cold Saw Blades

High-speed steel (HSS) or cold saw blades are available in all sizes suitable for all steel cutting machines. We are able to tooth your blade to suit the type of material you are cutting from stainless steel to mild steel in ba...

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Compression Tools

Carbide Tools compression cutters are for use on CNC stationary machining for sizing, jointing, grooving and dividing in partical board. 
  • Maximum edge life
  • Surface coating for improved edge life gi...

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Customized Tooling

Carbide Tools has the capacity to custom manufacture any special tooling requirements all in-house by our factory staff. We have a complete custom manufacturing service available and have the ability to produce...

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