Carbide ToolsSharpening and supply to the woodworking, engineering and plastic industries


Carbide Tools provide sharpening services for tungsten saws blades, router bits, planer blades, bandsaw blades and high speed steel saw blades, as well as selling Perth’s most reliable blades, router bits and tooling accessories.

We keep ahead of all the latest technology, using the Vollmer CHD251 to give you the sharpest possible edge. We offer a pick up and delivery within the Perth metro area, so contact us today for Western Australia’s best saw- and blade-sharpening services.

Why Choose Carbide?

Our qualified personnel combined with the latest new generation equipment means we offer the Timber and Metal cutting industries premium quality services for their cutting blades. The Vollmer CHD251 Service Centre offers a superior finish on your Tungsten Tipped saw blades for the longevity of your circular saw blade life.  The Vollmer CP650 saw sharpening machine achieves an outstanding quality of grinding with an optimum finish for your High Speed Steel saw blades.