About Us

Carbide Tools have been providing tool sharpening services and products to a wide range of industries in Perth for 45 years, including:

-Carpenters & Joiners

-Steel & Aluminium Fabricators

-Timber Machining


-Sign Writers

-Plastic Fabricators

Experience excellence in service with Carbide Tools’ in–stock and on-time world of cutting-edge sharpening technologies. Our difference can be experienced through the following:

45 Years’ Experience
Because we’ve been around for a while we have honed our sharpening skills by ensuring we always use the best worldwide technologies. And our long-term relationship with our partner brands means our clients get product on-time, every time.

In-stock and On-time promise
We have a guaranteed product range. Always keeping the popular products in-stock,
and specialist stock requiring ordering will be available within 24 hours.

Reliable & punctual delivery
If our team promise the delivery of your sharpened tools at a specific time, then we
guarantee that it will be there at that time.

5-Star Service
Delivered by our professional staff and cutting-edge worldwide sharpening technology and


Our qualified, highly-trained personnel provide premium services for anyone in the woodworking, engineering and plastic industries. All the work at Carbide Tools is  completed in-house allowing us to maintain the high standard of attention to detail and an acceptable time frame that our clients have come to expect.

Carbide Tools proudly use the Vollmer CHD 251 Work centre and  Loroch KBN560 blade-sharpening machine. All our machines achieve an outstanding standard of grinding quality.

Our services include pick up and delivery service in the Perth Metro area, and subsidised freight to country clients.