New products have hit the shelves..

Countersink Bits

For Countersinking and deburring in a wide range of materials including ferrous
and non-ferrous metals. All Bordo Countersinks are made from 100% M35
Cobalt High Speed Steel.

At Carbide Tools we can sharpen your drill bits, giving your tooling a longer cutting life.

Step Drills

Step Drills are Manufactured from premium quality high speed steel with double fluted ground cutting edges for long service life.

Step Drill benefits
  • No pilot hole required
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Step depth between 3.5-5.5mm
  • Stepless drilling in the thinnest sheets
  • Burr-free drilling without sheet deformation
  • Automatic deburring

At Carbide Tools we can sharpen countersink bits and step drills in house, giving your tooling a longer cutting life.

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Well this is something we’ve never seen before…

This is called a “Multi Edger Split Rip Saw Blade”.. and it’s not broken!

These blades are used in a portable board edger.

By edging on a board edger instead of your saw mill, it will increase production by a minimum of 35%. The edger is a perfect match as the sawmill is made to drop boards directly back to a gravity roller and the edger can be placed in line on that roller for a quick transition into edging.

These edger saws were manufactured in Melbourne by one of our business partners “Optico Saws”. Normal edger saws are in one piece but by doing it in two halves and a new clamping system, saw change times are dramatically reduced.

In all our years of being in the industry this was something we had never seen before. We had to put our heads together and come up with a solution as to how we would sharpen these for the client as these blades cannot run in our service centre.

The client was pleased with the outcome and it was good to see something different come through the workshop.

We look forward to seeing them again.

Welcoming Our New Customers

  • Henderson Fabrication
  • Kanyana Engineering
  • FTE Engineering
  • All Aussie Aluminium and Glass

Thank you for joining our team and we look forward to working with you.

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